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McGray & McGray was founded in Austin in April, 1981 and incorporated in the State of Texas in 1983. We have operated continuously since then with the same managing principal, Judith J. McGray, working on projects throughout Texas and several other states.

Our firm is certified as a HUB, a DBE, a WBE, a SBE, and a SLBE and has several registered surveyors on staff with a variety of experience in all types of land surveying. McGray & McGray has a proven record of working with design engineers on a wide range of projects, such as topographic design and boundary surveys of all sizes, roadway design, right-of-way acquisition, utility facilities design, water/wastewater projects, drainage and flood studies, streambank stabilization projects, dam safety surveys, tree surveys, as-built surveys, aerial mapping control, and construction verification and staking.


Our Team


At McGray and McGray, our most valuable assets are our experienced personnel and our desire to provide an accurate quality product.

Ashley Conrad, RPLS

Ashley started her career in land surveying in the fall of 2018.  Prior to joining the McGray & McGray family, she had a career in public education.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University.  After teaching  math for several years she returned to higher education and earned a Masters of Education with a Major in Counseling and Guidance from Texas State University.  She went on to serve as a school counselor for four years.  At McGray & McGray, Ashley is responsible for contract and proposal negotiations, administrative operations, marketing and project oversight.  She earned her SIT certification in 2020 and her RPLS in 2023. 

Judith J. McGray, RPLS
Vice President

Judy is the co-founder of McGray & McGray Land Surveyors, Inc. and has guided the firm since its inception in 1981. She was the first woman Registered Professional Land Surveyor in Texas, and has more than 50 years of experience in the Texas land surveying industry. With experience in all types of surveying services, she is involved in contract and proposal negotiations, operations management, and general project oversight, as well as directly participating in most of the company’s projects.

Troy Thomas, RPLS
Project Surveyor

Troy has over 17 years of experience in land surveying, with 10 years managing complex survey projects within the public and private sector. His skills include estimating and proposals, deed research, preparing right-of-way maps, legal descriptions, generating digital terrain models (DTMs), and project QA/QC. He is known for having a detailed approach to problem solving, as well as for producing a reliable, high-quality products for a range of land surveying applications, including transportation, pipeline, transmission line, land development, and TxDOT projects.

Chris Conrad, RPLS
Vice President

As Vice President, Chris has over 26 years of experience in land surveying, including 20 years of experience in project management. A Texas licensed surveyor, he has expertise in land title and boundary, right-of-way, route, construction, engineering design, topographic, as-built, utility, tree, obstruction, aerial control, horizontal and vertical control, hydrographic surveys, terrestrial LiDAR, and utility research.

Joe Webber_edited.jpg
Joe Webber, Jr., RPLS
Senior Project Manager

Joe has over 49 years of experience in land surveying, with 36+ years in project management. His responsibilities include coordination of services connected with the project and supervision of field services, supervision of office work, analysis of data, land title and boundary research and analysis, including ALTA-ASCM surveys, plats, descriptions, right-of-way maps, and quality assurance. He is responsible for coordinating and communicating with clients from the proposal stage to project completion.

Kevin Simpson-Schroeder, RPLS
Project Surveyor

Kevin has over 43 years of experience in the land surveying field. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of land surveying and has had experience in all phases of surveying work, including field crew, party chief, office technician and senior office technician, project surveyor, and survey manager. Kevin is responsible for supervision of office work including data entry and reduction, computations, plotting and analysis, title and boundary research and analysis, drafting parcel plats and writing descriptions, and final review.

Stephen MacDonald, CP
Certified Photogrammertrist

Stephen has over 18 years of experience in all phases of aerial mapping production. His experience includes compilation, aerial triangulation, supervising compilation and CAD departments, proposal writing, cost estimating, project planning, and overall project management. He has experience as a project manager, where he develops data acquisition procedures, performs project set up, and schedules and monitors project time lines to ensure deadlines are met. As a Certified Photogrammetrist, Stephen is responsible for editing collected data and preparing final deliverables, including adherence to McGray & McGray’s established Quality Control and Quality Assurance guidelines.


McGray & McGray is certified as a HUB by the State of Texas, a DBE and SBE by TxDOT, a SLBE by ACC, a WBE and a DBE by the City of Austin as part of the Texas Unified Certification Program.


Our firm is Administratively Qualified and TxDOT precertified in categories:

1.9.1 Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data Analysis

15.1.1 Right of Way Surveys

15.2.1 Design Survey

15.2.2 Construction Survey

15.3.1 Aerial Photogrammetry

15.3.2 Terrestrial Photogrammetry

15.3.3 Terrestrial LiDAR

15.3.4 Mobile and Airborne LiDAR

15.3.5 Horizontal and Vertical Control

15.2.6 Airborne LiDAR

Our field crews have completed safety training with Herzog to work on the Capital Metro railroads and have been certified through eRailSafe to work on BNSF,

Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific railroads.

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